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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Vacation August 2010

We went to Branson, Mo and stayed at Still Waters Resort for 4 nights and had an amazing time! This place was wonderful. It has 3 pools, its on the lake with free paddle boats, free kayaks, basketball, volleyball courts and so much more. We stayed there for $59 a night!!!!
We love getting to go out to eat for breakfast.
We went to a Magic Show.
Played on the lake.

Skipped rocks on the lake.
Played in the pool.
Went down the slid a 1000 times.

Played with water guns.
Played with daddy.
Played under the waterfall.

I loved this pool!!!!This hot tub was so nice.
Baby Abigail is so cute.
Laid by the pool.

Played in the arcade.
Going on walks and riding bikes.
Wow we are so blessed to get to spend such a sweet time as a family.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Learning is Fun!

We started our first day of "Learning is Fun" aka school. The boys and I had such a beautiful day. I feel so blessed that I get to hang out with these sweet kids and learn with them. This is a picture of our new school/playroom.

Nathan is so happy to be in Kindergarten.
Micah loves being in Pre-K
We went to the library and played on the computers.
Read a lot of books.

They even got to check out their own books.

We made some awesome brownies.

We started our Five In A Row book.
This was the best part of the day. We did a science experiment with Diet Coke and Mentos.

Wow Learning really is Fun!!!!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Science Museum

The kids and I got to go to the Science Museum the other day with some of our friends from LifeGroup. We had a wonderful time exploring together. While we were there I kept thanking Jesus for blessing me with wonderful ladies in my life that truly cherish their sweet children each day. I learn so much from them how to love my sweet blessings that the Lord has blessed me with.
Micah and his sweet friend.

This is a picture of all the kids.
Abigail was in heaven.
Flying to the moon.
Some of the moms I am blessed to have are Charity, pregnant with #5, Me, pregnant with #4, Michelle, not pregnant but blessed with 4, and Vanessa, pregnant with #4!
Eating lunch.
He loves to have his picture taking (where does he get that ha ha)
Abigail is 9 months old now!!!!
I love that they always play together.

This was fun!!!
Nathan asks me to clean his baseball shirt every day so his friends will see it.
She was out.
Time to go home=)

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