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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Picking Blackberries

Nathan and I went to pick Blackberries with some of my bible study girls, Cindy, Kim and Janna. (plus our sweet children) We picked blackberries for an hour and talked about John 15. When we got home we made Blackberry Cobbler with Micah and Tim. Today was such a blessing being a mom.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nathan with "yellow"

We lost "yellow" on a walk one day and Nathan and I cried all day. A few weeks later sweet Jesus brought it back to us. Nathan and mommy are happy now.

Frontier City

Swimming with friends

Fishing with friends

Knox Cousins

The boys and I went to Mounds, Ok to spend the day with my grandma, cousins, and aunts. We love getting to spend time with them.

At Mounds Library

At the park

Swimming at grandma's

Rootbeer floats at grandma's

Nathan with a hurt nose from a bat=)

Micah's first "real" hair cut

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Why is she so mean?

Why is she so mean dad? Those are the words I heard Nathan say to Tim as I was leaving the room yesterday morning.

My first thought was mom mean? I love my family why would they think I am mean?

After that I took the boys to VBS and got in my car and cried like a baby. Lord why does my sweet Nathan think I mean? The Lord said Nicole would you want someone to talk to you the way you talk to your family?

Yesterday I spent a lot of time in prayer about the type of wife and mom I want to be. Today I am choosing to get up and pray to be a positive wife and mom.

I hope I never forget the day my child thought I was mean.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Classic Books

Growing up having a hard time reading I never wanted to read anything. In the 10th grade a teacher could tell something was wrong and had me tested. Sure enough I was dyslexic. After finding this out, and with the help of my teacher, I started to learn to love to read. Now at 27 I have decided that I want to start reading Classic books.

So what is your favorite Classic Book? (I am starting with Anne of Green Gables)

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