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Monday, February 11, 2013

Knox Family is Growing!

We are happy to announce that Baby Knox will be joining our family August 2013!

I thought I would answer some questions that I often get asked.

1. How many kids will this be for you? 5

2. Do you know what causes that? Yes! Why do you think we have such an awesome marriage =)

3. Do you want a boy or a girl? We really dont care. If we have a boy Judah has a buddy if we have a girl Abigail has a sister.

4. How old are all your kids? Nathan is 8, Micah is 6, Abigail is 3, Judah is 2, & baby Knox is due August 2013.

5. How do you afford to have so many kids on one income? We truly trust God with our money and we believe in being good stewards of our money and staying debt free. 

6. Will you ever stop having kids? Yes. I have c-sections, a girl can only be cut open so many times.

7. What do your kids think? They are so pumped!

8. How are you feeling? I get tired and sick most days but the baby is growing!

9. Do you and Tim ever have time together alone with so many kids? Um... yes read question #2 =)

Thank you for praying for our family. We are so blessed!


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