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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Update on the Knox Family

Wow! It's been a long time since I have wrote or even looked at our family blog. Thought I would write a little about what the Knox family has been up to.

Winter/Spring 2012- We moved into our sweet friends large home on 5 acres and had the privilege of living there. Tim worked on the land and house to get it ready to sell. Our family learned so many things. We also found out we were going to have Knox baby #5! The whole family was very pumped to be blessed with another child. We found out at 9 weeks that our baby went home to Jesus. We were very sad for the hope and dream we had for that child but we know that Jesus is rocking our baby. Two days later Tim took me on a vacation to Cancun, Mexico for my 30th birthday. We had a wonderful time. I am so thankful for that sweet time we spent on the beach together. We also enjoyed homeschooling the kids and serving as pastors at the Midwest City Campus of

Summer/Fall 2012- My Ulcerative Colitis got really bad and I become very weak. We went to the doctor and they told us that my whole colon had become inflamed and we would need to talk about different therapies. Tim and I prayed and we felt like God called us to move and live closer to family so that they could help me with my UC and the 4 children that God has blessed us with. The amazing thing about the Church we serve at is there are locations everywhere. We moved our family to Tulsa, Ok and became children's pastors at the South Tulsa Campus. Another thing that changed for our family was the boys started going to Public School. This was a very hard thing for me because I love being with my kids all day and learning new things with them. During this time I learned a lot about supporting my husband in the decisions he makes for our family. I am so thankful to be married to Tim Knox and how he leads our family even though I don't always show him. The boys loved school and meeting new friends.

Where we are today- Tim and I love serving at our new campus! We have so enjoyed living close to family. Our kids get to see grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins all the time. My health is doing amazing!!! Today was the boys last day of Public School. We will start homeschooling again. We are enjoying this season in our lives. Stay tuned you never know what's next with the Knox family=)


I'm so happy to hear that your health is doing good and you get to be with your boys again! Thanks for writing. We all miss you very much! Much love :)

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